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Overcoming Writer’s Block

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Often the most challenging part of writing is getting started. If you are experiencing writer’s block, know that you are not alone and that it certainly won’t last forever. If you are suffering from a block in your creative, the following are a series of tips that could help you get the results you are looking for:

Disconnect the Internet

Since most of us have access to internet in our homes or place of business, it is often easy to become distracted by all of the “stuff” out there. Disconnecting from the internet can help you to focus on the job at hand.

Begin with the Most Challenging Part

When you first sit down to write, start with the part that has been giving you the most trouble or you predict will be the most difficult. Not only will this help you complete the necessary work, it will also encourage you to continue when you know that it only gets easier from there!

Get Some Exercise

Sitting at a desk and writing can be quite “boring” after a while. Getting up and getting some exercise can help to get both your blood and your creative moving. Exercise has been proven to be great at relieving stress and in clearing your mind.

Get Some Caffeine

If you are on a deadline and don’t have time to get up and go get some exercise, grab some coffee instead. Caffeine is a stimulant that should help to get your mind working.

Have Some Healthy Snacks

Eating a diet that is low in unhealthy fats and carbohydrates and high in protein, vegetables, fruits, and antioxidants has been shown to both make you feel healthier as well as increase your mental productivity.

Change Your Location

If you are working on a laptop, try to change your environment by going outside if at all possible. Distractions are abundant in your home or office and this way you know that you won’t become sidetracked by other projects.

Create an Outline

If you are not sure of the exact words you want to use, just create an outline with the primary points that you want to cover. This will make the writing appear more manageable and will be less overwhelming when you take it in pieces. This will help you by giving you something to work from instead of simply staring at a blank screen.

Don’t Think Too Much

If you find yourself obsessing about the first sentence and how to start, just begin by writing something. Sometimes, it is the hardest to just start writing. So just start writing down as much as you can and hopefully that will get the creative juices flowing. You can always go back and edit the writing later.

When In Doubt, Take a Break

If none of the above steps seem to have an effect on your ability to write, try to take a break. Even taking a nap can be helpful. Being tired and trying to work at the same time can be a bad combination. Try to get as much sleep as you can at night but, if you are still finding yourself exhausted during the day, a quick cat nap can do wonders!

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