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Tips For Writing Effective Tweets

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A tweet consists of only 140 characters. This can seem like hardly enough to get anything substantial across anywhere, least of all on the internet, where nothing can move fast enough. You could tweet what you had for lunch or what you overheard on the bus… but why? Tweet something that catches attention and makes others want to re-tweet it!

Re-Tweet Something Interesting
Start with the simplest Twitter activity that there is. If you find a tweet interesting, others will find it interesting, too. Follow a few Twitterers who are consistently fascinating. That way, you’ll always have something great to pass along. Just make sure not to claim the info as your own, original work.

Reply to Someone Else’s Tweet
Add your opinion to a tweet that you find interesting or compelling. Whether you tweet often or not, it’s a good idea to reply to the tweets of the people you follow.

Be Thought-Provoking
Ask an interesting question – not just “What did you have for lunch?” Ask something that will cause conversation and replies. Ask how your followers feel about a current event or something more philosophical.

Keep Up with the News
If you find a news story that affects you in some way, tweet about it. Link to the online version of the story or article, write a short reaction, and ask others’ opinions on it. Everyone can identify with the news in one way or another.

Tweet a ‘How To’ or ‘X Ways To’ List
Most people get sucked in by a good How To article, and How To tweets are no different. Don’t post an extremely long list – 5 is a good number. Post one tweet for each item on the list. If you didn’t create the list yourself and found it on a website or other source, be sure to cite its original location in your last tweet of the list.

Don’t Resort to Text Abbreviations
While text abbreviations and internet lingo have seen a long period of popularity, those forms of spelling have become more of an object of ridicule than a convenience. While you do have only 140 characters to use in a single tweet, if you find that you need to replace words with numbers or other abbreviations, you might be trying to force too much into one message. It’s better to divide a tweet into two sentences than to turn off your audience.

Don’t Be Afraid to Tweet in Real Time
If you’re doing something interesting – attending a political rally or going to a well-publicized concert, for example – it can be fun for those following your tweets to read your running account of the event.

Be Careful about Advertising
Even if you love that soft drink or a particular brand of jeans, promoting them often can be annoying and will make your Twitter feed seem like one big commercial. If you absolutely have to mention the brand name of something, make sure if fits into a tweet that has a bigger object of interest.

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